Center for Gerontology


University Faculty Affiliates


Department Name Research Area
Biochemistry David Bevan, Ph.D. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
Biochemistry Glenda Gillaspy,Ph.D. Genes/Proteins and their Role in Alzheimer's Disease
Biochemistry Bin Xu, Ph.D. Basic Cell, Proteins & Crystallography related to Alzheimer's Disease, and heart function
Psychology Eileen Anderson, Ed.D. Health Behavior
Psychology Martha A. Bell, Ph.D. Cognition and Aging
Psychology Kirby Deater-Deckard, Ph.D. Behavioral Genetics and Individual Differences
Psychology Rachel A. Diana, Ph.D. Psychology and cognitive neuroscience of human memory
Psychology David W. Harrison, Ph.D. Strokes; Assessments
Psychology Jungmeen Kim, Ph.D. Psychological well-being across the life span; Life-span developmental research methodology
Psychology Richard A. Winett Health behavior, public health, nutrition, exercise training
Biochemistry Bin Xu