Center for Gerontology


University Faculty Affiliates

Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

Department Name Research Area
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Julia Beamish, Ph.D. Housing
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management JoAnn M. Emmel, Ph.D. Use of Household Equipment and Energy; General Housing Needs
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Patti Fisher, Ph.D. Economic Well-Being of the Elderly
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Rosemary C. Goss, Ph.D. Housing
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Eunju Hwang, Ph.D. Housing
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Ji-Hyun Kim, Ph.D. Older Adult Consumers and Quality of Life
Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management Irene Leech, Ph.D. Financial Planning Education
Communication James Ivory, Ph.D. Media Technologies and Older Populations
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Kusum Singh, Ph.D. Statistics and Methodology
Foreign Languages and Literature Esther K. Bauer, Ph.D. Literary renditions of male aging (midlife crisis)
Human Development Katherine Allen, Ph.D. Family Gerontology; Diversity Issues
Human Development Rosemary Blieszner, Ph.D. Family and Friend Relationships
Human Development Isabel Bradburn, Ph.D. Attachment Across the Lifespan
Human Development Megan Dolbin-Macnab, Ph.D. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; Emotion Regulation
Human Development April Few, Ph.D. Violence in Adulthood
Human Development Shannon Jarrott, Ph.D. Intergenerational Relationships and Communities
Human Development Kee Jeong Kim, Ph.D. Research methodologies; Longitudianal analysis
Human Development Matthew Komelski , Ph.D. Optimal Aging; Mind-Body Practices; Gerontology Pedagogy
Human Development Fred Piercy, Ph.D. Counseling Older Adults
Human Development Cindy Smith, Ph.D. Interactions between Generations
Political Science Deborah Milly Elder care issues and policies in Japan
Science and Technology in Society Doris T. Zallen, Ph.D. Ethical Issues
Sociology Toni M. Calasanti, Ph.D. Social Equity; Work and Retirement; Gender Issues
Sociology Jill Kiecolt, Ph.D. Parent-child relations; Aging and mental and physical health
Sociology Neil King, Ph.D. Media, gender and aging
Sociology John Ryan, Ph.D. Community Solidarity; Social Policy, Marriage and Well-being